By Elizabeth Archer
Directed by Melanie Keller

Maggie Scrantom, Drew Shirley, Maggie Cain, Alex Nolen, Mia Vivens, Dennis Frymire

Scenic Design - Shaun Renfro
Lighting Design - Lane Flores
Costume Design - Carla Hamilton McDowell
Sound Design - Anthony Ingram
Stage Manager - Colleen Layton
Graphic Design - Shawn Bowers


Due to the onset of preeclampsia, eight-months pregnant neurosurgeon May Evans has been placed on bed rest and ordered to “do less”…forcing her husband Sam, a popular online journalist, to try and keep her from sneaking off to make calls to her staff. But as May’s condition worsens, she begins receiving disturbing anonymous emails about Sam and his “online activities,” which he claims are linked to his controversial articles and research methods. As the truth behind the emails is revealed, Sam and May are plunged into a nightmarish world of online vigilantism, articulate fetuses, and legal drama.

 Preview: Thursday, July 28 
Show Dates: Friday, July 29...Saturday, July 30...Friday, August 5...Sunday, August 7...Thursday, August 11...Saturday, August 13
@ Trap Door Theatre -1655 W Cortland St, Chicago, IL 


A one woman show about gender identity, love, self esteem and what Instagram filter makes your social anxiety less noticeable. Joan Waters uses both stand up comedy and lip syncing to water down modern queer romance and exposes her own shortcomings while her longcomings are tucked inside her body. No admission but tipping is encouraged.

One night only!  Sunday, July 31st at 8 pm at Trap Door Theatre!


UNPRODUCEABLE: A Night of Nigh Impossible Theatre

Fraud & Phony presents a FREE live reading event of big, strange, ten-minute plays that no theatre would ever think of producing...featuring the kinds of scripts playwrights might otherwise be embarrassed to even attach their name to, let alone have read aloud. 

One night only!  Thursday, August 4th at 8 pm at Trap Door Theatre!

Learn more about all of our playwrights here!


The Goldfish Project

Continuing to harness the hilarious possibilities of internet mischief making, comedian Shawn Bowers has spent years perfecting the art of "goldfishing," aka pretending to be a woman on some of the web's most popular dating sites and testing how much men will look past for the slightest chance of hooking up. As it turns out, the answer is quite a lot. Now, the Chicago comic shares the results with you, in this multimedia showcase of real conversations, e-mails, texts and photos from his time undercover.

This show is for mature audiences only, and honestly, "mature" is probably a pretty generous descriptor.

"Funny and cringe-inducing...a window into the wonderfully awful verbal foreplay of sexting" - Chicago Tribune

"With the disarming combination of self-deprecation and the bitchy-bite perfected by Joan Rivers, Bowers shares his sacred Rules of Engagement for his online fishing" - NewCity Stage

One night only!  Saturday, August 6th at 8 pm at Trap Door Theatre!

Austin Powers 4 - Live!

In 2002, New Line Cinema released Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third film in the Austin Powers saga. It was, of course, a rousing success that earned $296,655,431 at the box office (against a $63 million budget!!!). Everybody wanted more, but more never came...until now. For two years, a shadowy organization has slowly been soliciting writers and comedians from all around the country to write a single page each of a giant, collaborative Austin Powers 4 screenplay. This FREE live reading event will feature Austin Powers, his nemesis Dr. Evil, the return of Fat Bastard, an improbable parternship with basketball superstar Jeremy Lin, time travel, dream sequences, sex with cartoon characters and a lot of questionable wordplay.